1. Just found out that while I was sleeping in Berlin every magazine designer had congregated to New York for the yearly SPD Gala. Businessweek won a few awards, amongst them a GOLD for Infographics! 

    Illustrated by Tracy Ma and Emily Keegin for the election issue.

    Of the finalists we had two in the final five—the other being the history of video games. BIG CONGRATS to Francesco Franchi from IL, who picked up the silver medal for their AMAZING terrorism map.

  2. NEW GRAPHIC! How big is Netflix? It’d be the 35th largest country by membership alone.

    Netflix movies account for up to a third of all downstream internet traffic in North America.

    Read rest of the story here

  3. World’s Largest Ship

    Illustration by Golden Cosmos

  4. If he’s convicted of carrying out the Boston Marathon bombings, suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev could face the federal death penalty. Reinstated in 1988, the federal death penalty now covers some 60 crimes including acts of terrorism, murder of federal law enforcement officers, and the use of weapons of mass destruction. In response to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, President Bill Clinton signed a law in 1996 making it more difficult for convicted capital defendants to appeal their sentences. The federal government has executed only three people in the past 20 years. Currently, 58 prisoners are on federal death row, where many have been appealing their convictions or sentences—and avoiding execution—for years.

    This is very different from how capital punishment was run a century ago when the U.S. Federal government executed nearly a person a year from 1927-1968 before the Supreme Court ruled capital punishment unconstitutional in 1977.

    Interactive graphic available here. Another McCann/Daniel joint.

    Fast Food Food Groups


    Essential Contents for Man Cave
    (in order of importance)
    1. Beer
    2. Wine
    3. Electronic casino table
    4. Gourmet kitchen
    5. Some guitars
    1. Great artwork
    2. Living wall featuring “ferns and some other plants” —As told to Ashlee Vance

    mur How 2

  7. Quickie chart about how 42's weekend box office results broke a new record for Baseball movies: it grossed over $20 million on opening weekend.

    Claire Suddath explains why.


  8. NEW MAP!

    Asia’s internet troubles range from bottlenecks, shallow waters, pirates, undersea volcanos, and…. under sea divers with cable cutters.


  9. Seriously.

    HOW TO EAT CROW by Chef Melissa Perfit


    Gif by Steph Davidson