1. This week we worked with Kris Mukai to illustrate mobile blinders—apps that prevent us from looking up while shopping.

  2. Walmart Faces the Cost of Cost-Cutting: Empty Shelves

    Illustration by Chris Nosenzo

  3. jenniferdaniel:


    Take heed, lords and ladies of management: “You win or you die. There is no middle ground.”

    Art Director/Mother of Dragons: Chandra Illick

  4. jenniferdaniel:

    NEW MAP! If North Dakota’s new laws take effect as scheduled it could become the first state with no abortion clinic.

  5. Shout out to you people who eat HORSE in issue 13.

  6. NEW MAP!

    Over one-fifth of the world’s population goes thirsty due to economic water scarcity—meaning there is water to get but due to pollution, inadequate infrastructure, and poverty their basins remain dry.


  7. beepbopboopbeepbop:


  8. NEW GRAPHIC? A little redistricting humor for you.

  9. jenniferdaniel:

    For the past two and a half years I’ve wanted to do charts styled like the Bloomberg Terminal. DREAMS DO COME TRUE.

  10. Evan’s top four and bottom four metropolitan areas that grew (or shrank) the most in terms of GDP and population. Top ranked: Portland!