1. Kenton made this chart for issue 45 but he has yet to appreciate the value of tumblr so I’m tumbling it for him.

    If you don’t know what kickstarter is then you probably don’t have any friends in a band trying to tour Europe. Basically, it’s a *new* way to find seed money for your product, company, or artistic venture. Kickstarter facilities an easy way for people with money to fund people with ideas.

    So, last year my buddy Frank Chimero created a project that accrued so many donations that it afforded him to quit his job in Portland and move to NYC. Proud and jealous and stunned I couldn’t help but think… What…The…Fuck. I didn’t even donate to Japan Relief. How did he raise 127k from 2000 backers to write a design book?! 

    Curious to see if this was an anomaly, I talked to Barrett Sheridan, BBW tech editor and Eligible Bachelor and he was interested too. That’s when Kenton “Tumblr is for Williamsburg” Powell began investigating.

    Turns out, lots of projects fail. But the ones that succeed can really go gang busters. There’s no limit to the money raised so projects like Revlolights who’s goal was 43k can amass over 215k. Focusing on just September’s projects alone (which included thousands of projects) we could find business ideas like Desktop Jellyfish Tank project which raised 54% more then it’s original goal.

    At a weekly magazine we have the flexibility to experiment with forms and shapes when we can. Circle charts are hard to justify but sequencing the projects in a chronological order gave it a more interesting shape then the obvious “most” to “least”. Kenton used processing to visualize the goals and total pledges. The rest of it was built in illustrator and indesign.


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